Hand Made Tarot Bags
Hand Made Tarot Bags
Hand Made Tarot Bags

Hand Made Tarot Bags

A sacred covering for your sacred tarot or oracle deck. There are so many special things about these one-of-a-kind hand crocheted bags!

1) Works beautifully as a mojo bag to honorably contain those treasures you've collected to use in your spiritual practice and rituals
2) Sized extra roomy to fit those larger decks, even with their boxes. (Pictured here with The Divine Feminine Oracle, in its box with space to spare.)
3) Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crocheted pouch made from non-synthetic yarn
4) Rose needlework applique carries the Magdalene energy of the divine feminine, and the red tie symbolizes the red thread that connects all women

Handcrafted with intention by the amazing maker @SolanaCreations

Style Large Flower Applique ($29.99)

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